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The Daily Clipper: Resting Up Edition

The Clippers are resting up and we're catching up with all the news around the web

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I Am Not An NBA All-Star, and That's OK – a great article written by DeAndre Jordan

How DeAndre Jordan is Powering Clippers to Wins Without Blake Griffin
The knock on DeAndre Jordan, the Los Angeles Clippers third best player, is that he does little besides rebound and score easy buckets such as putbacks and alley-oops. But Griffin’s injury has prompted him to ramp up his play, and it could have great long-term effects for the Clips.

The Case for DeAndre Jordan as the NBA's Most Underappreciated Player | Bleacher Report
With Jordan, almost every touch is meaningful. While you won't see Chris Paul dump the ball into him on the low blocks as the rest of the offense clears out to let him operate, Jordan will force defenses to account for his presence by lingering on the edge of the paint before rising for violent throwdowns. In fact, among the 93 players averaging at least 30 minutes, Jordan ranks dead last in frontcourt touches per game at 18.6—a solid four touches behind the 92nd-ranked Tyson Chandler, according to SportVU player-tracking data.  Even so, the Clippers offense has functioned as the league's best with Jordan on the floor.

Can Los Angeles Clippers Recover from Failed Spencer Hawes Experiment? | Bleacher Report
"It's not like Hawes' deal is debilitating, even if it does run for another three undesirable seasons after this one. $5.7 million a year on average will seem noticeably less once the cap rises from the current $63 million to more than $80 million for the final two years of the contract. But the disconcerting part is that we haven't seen signs of a turnaround." Plus, one thing I would also argue against Katz suggesting to cut bait with Hawes now is that it's almost never a good idea to trade a player when he's at his lowest value, and the injury to Griffin means the clippers need all the big bodies they can get

Amare Stoudemire reportedly chooses Mavericks over Clippers - LA Times
The Clippers' apparent failure to lure the veteran power forward-center leaves them with dwindling options as Thursday's trade deadline nears. Clippers Coach Doc Rivers has said he probably would sign a player to a 10-day contract after the All-Star break, and the team will continue to monitor player buyouts.

Source: Clippers to target Prince if bought out by Celtics | Comcast SportsNet -
Prince’s defense, versatility, high basketball I.Q. along with the ability to knock down jumpers could be just what the Clippers need to improve their chances of playing deep into the month of June.