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ElbowWatch: Blake Griffin is feeling better

While there's still no word on a return date, Blake Griffin had some good news today regarding #ElbowGate. Or, no...yeah, #ElbowWatch is definitely the way to go.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the staph-infected hinge between Blake Griffin's forearm and upper arm is in better shape than expected.

The Clippers returned to practice today, and Griffin said that doctors are impressed with his progress.

"I saw the doctor yesterday and I got some good news, so everything is either on track or looking better than it was," he told the LA Times. "Still really don't know a great timetable, but I'm happy with how it feels...[I'm] pretty sure the infection is completely gone. I think they got all of the infection during the surgery."

The All-Star break fell at the perfect time for Griffin and the Clippers, as initial reports speculated he would miss about three weeks of play. The break gave him a week of recovery without missing any games, giving him a total of three absences. In that stretch, the Clippers have gone 2-1.

Griffin says he is due to get his stitches out on Tuesday, and he hopes that this surgery will finally solve his bursa sac issue, which he's been battling for years.

"Hopefully, my elbow will be normal again," he said, echoing the sentiments of everyone who has ever laid eyes on that gross thing.