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Trade Deadline Update

The West getting better, Dragic heading East, and a last minute point guard jumble.

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The trade deadline is upon us, and as news continues to trickle in during its final moments, it's time to get updated on what's happening and its potential effect on the Clippers. There's plenty that can still be updated later on in the day despite the deadline hitting 12 (Pacific Time, the deadline is officially 3pm Eastern Time) as there's generally some residue that comes surrounding the deadline's edges. There aren't many heavy hitters, but there is some news, particularly news affecting the furious playoff chase in the West.

Latest news from Woj about all the OKC big man rumblings, Reggie Jackson:

This is on the heels on a ton of reporting that OKC is close to a deal that would send Brook Lopez to OKC and Reggie Jackson (and possibly Perry Jones/Kendrick Perkins) to Brooklyn, in some form. OKC hasn't been shy about chasing Brook Lopez, but prior to this deal have offered only scraps to get the talented big man. Now that Jackson has come out about wanting out, they have something to build a package around. I don't blame Jackson for being frustrated after the team brought in league pariah Dion Waiters in during Jackson's contract year, but them's the breaks. OKC with Lopez is pretty terrifying, even in Scottie Brooks' simple offensive schemes. You can figure something out with a great low post big like that looming. Jackson is becoming a hot commodity now, with the Pistons currently in pursuit.

The Kanter deal seems to be gaining more steam, with Jackson heading to Detroit.

Perk's deal is expected to be bought out. Is this where Doc comes in?!?! We might have missed out on Tayshaun Prince.

The Thunder also acquired Kyle SinglerDJ Augustin, and Steve Novak.

Kevin Garnett back to the Wolves

A lot going into this, from Garnett's apparent interest in buying the Wolves (Garnett has to be one of the richest players in NBA history and I'm sure he could at least front a team that makes a bid), to the team bringing back quite a few of their old pieces from Garnett's hey day (particularly Flip Saunders), to my excited Kevin Garnett Timberwolves jersey. Thaddeus Young has been a consummate pro, fairly quietly going from one bottom dweller to the next these past couple of years, and will now have an opportunity to help a team get into the playoffs. I like the entire "Garnett comes home" angle in here, really.

Departure of the Dragon

Goran Dragic is about to make Miami a pretty scary first round out. I began this article ready to talk about Robert Sarver trying to sabotage a possible Dragic move, but there was simply too much momentum going into this, with Dragic's foot already out the door in recent interviews. The Dragic thing spiraled out pretty quickly after a few tense months, but the writing was on the wall for his frustration. Details are still sprinkling in as this was a buzzer beating deal, but it looks like the Heat are sending a couple of first round picks for Dragic. I'd say this is a good thing for the Clippers since Dragic has always been an extremely fierce competitor whenever Chris Paul was across from him, but the Suns were going to be inevitable collateral damage in OKC's playoff bidding. Old buddy Danny Granger is being sent to the Suns in this deal, for another possible rebirth!

The full deal:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Source: Miami sends Danny Granger, Norris Cole, Shawne Williams, Jordan Hamilton and two first-round picks to the Suns for Dragic brothers.</p>&mdash; Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA) <a href="">February 19, 2015</a></blockquote>

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Point guard jumble between Phoenix, Philly, and Milwaukee.

Whoa! What the heck? Why did the Bucks do this? I like this trade for the Suns as I feel like they're getting the best player, but why did the Bucks do this? Yeesh. This came out of nowhere. Miles Plumlee is heading to the Bucks in this deal as well, more details from this one should be coming in by the moment. There are reports that Thomas may be heading to the Celtics, but that might clear up before I'm done writing this article!


Marcus Thornton is apparently heading to the Suns in this deal. This trade is the epitome of the greatness of the trade deadline. Wow. The Celtics also picked up Jonas Jerebko.

Afflalo to the Blazers.

As far as something that didn't happen while I was in the midst of writing this, Arron Afflalo is heading to the Blazers to provide Portland with a great bench punch. Not long ago people were wondering just how high Afflalo could rank with the new crop of young shooting guards, and really, his game hasn't changed since then. Just his surroundings. Now he'll be headlining a much improved Portland bench as they look to make a deep playoff run. This is a substantial move, and for all their moving pieces, it sounds like this might be Denver's big move. Well, not including the JaVale McGee to the Sixers for a pick swap, since the only people that really consider McGee to be of substance to the league is maybe Shaquille O'Neal. Alonzo Gee is also heading to the Blazers, with Thomas Robinson, Will Barton, Victor Claver going to the Nuggets.

McDaniels/Canaan Swap

Not as flashy, but McDaniels is a Clips Nation favorite. Sneaky move, I like Canaan too actually but grabbing another wing defender out West probably isn't a bad idea.

Karl brings back the Professor.

This is kinda great that this actually did happen. Ramon Sessions seemed to be a weird fit with the Kings, but still a nice player. Might work out for both sides, though I'm leaning with the idea that Andre Miller might be washed up. On top of being a jerk.

I'll be updating this as the day goes along, lots of details emerging. Happy Trade Deadline!