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Clips Nation Night -- Clippers-Blazers March 4!

Clips Nation Night for next Wednesday, March 4, is on! The opponent is the Blazers and after the game we'll have access to the STAPLES Center court for some hoops of our own. Be there! This is always a highlight of the year.

Thank you to everyone who responded quickly when we had a last minute chance for court time at STAPLES Center. Based on the response, it looks like this is going to happen! Yay us!

We're still really pressed for time, so we still need to move quickly. Because of the short time frame, we won't be using a ticket link -- if you plan to attend, you should call Maurice Baker in group sales directly. Mo has been a great friend to Clips Nation from the very first Clips Nation Night and he's the one that gave us this chance at the last minute on a crowded schedule.

We still need to hit our minimum for ticket sales so don't leave me hanging here. If you said you were going to buy tickets, Call Mo and buy tickets. If you just want to go and hang out, the more the merrier. We love having spectators in the stands for this also. It should be a great game in addition to the fun afterward, so if you were thinking of going to a game in the near future, make it this one. If nothing else I'd just love to shake your hand, and you can help us out reaching our sales minimum.

If you are planning to play in the tournament on the court afterwards, please provide your information in the form here. It should look familiar if you've played before, which most of you have.

Last thing: Before games I like hanging at the Veranda Bar at the Figueroa Hotel, on Figueroa a block north of STAPLES. It's very chill, very old school L.A. I'll be there from 5:30 or so -- leaving work and going straight there, since it doesn't make sense to go all the way to Long Beach and back. If you can get out early at all, come on by and say Hi. I'll be wearing my Clippers jacket.


Clips Nation Night: Wednesday March 4, Clippers. vs. Blazers

To sign up to play on the court after the game, fill out this form:

To buy tickets, call Maurice Baker in Group Sales directly: (213) 742-7540

If you're a season ticket holder and want to play, email mbaker at clippers dot com to get on the list.

Pre-game meetup at the Veranda Bar of the Figueroa Hotel, 939 S. Figueroa St. from 5:30 PM.