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Fantasy Friday: Back-To-Backs

The Clippers play tonight for the second night in a row. How does the back-to-back affect their stats?

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So, last night sucked, but we haven't time to dwell on it because the Clippers turn right around to play again tonight. As if the short rest and overnight flight weren't punishment enough, the schedule takes the team north to Toronto, where the East's second-winningest team awaits.

For the specifics of their matchup against the Raptors, you can check out the game preview. I want to use this space to examine how the Clippers have been handling games on zero days of rest, and whether you can trust them in your fantasy lineup.

First, a look at the team overall. I'll use total stats unadjusted for pace, because this is fantasy and the totals are informative. The Clippers have played 50 games now. Tonight's macth will be their 13th with zero days rest. They are scoring 106.7 points per game this season overall, and on back-to-backs, they're actually scoring 107.5. Assists and turnovers are almost identical (24.6 and 11.6 overall, 24.8 and 11.3 with no rest). Unsurprisingly, the stats we can associate with energy take a small hit on the back-to-backs. The Clippers grab two fewer rebounds per game and tally about half a steal and half a block less. They also attempt fewer free throws. There is a bonus though: they attempt more three pointers. Perhaps they cave to their tired legs and settle for outside shots, because they take one more three per game.

Next, a look at the three most fantasy-relevant Clippers: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan. This may be a function of their scheduled opponents, but each is actually averaging more minutes played on the second night of a back-to-back than overall. With the exception of DeAndre's rebounding, which takes a slight step back with zero rest, all of their numbers actually exceed their overall ones.

The small sample size alert is in effect, but the numbers from this season are clear. The Clippers have yet to suffer from the deleterious effects of games on consecutive nights. Paul, Blake, and DeAndre are up to the task. Don't think about that short rest. If you like the matchup, play them.

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