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Fantasy Friday: Redick Taking Up Crawford's Slack

Jamal Crawford's lingering injury has created an opening for the Clippers' starting shooting guard, and he's making the most of it.

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Short post today, and its really something of a correction. Last week, I wrote about Jordan Hamilton's viability as a daily fantasy option as long as he was getting starting minutes. Since then, he's logged the weighty total of 12 minutes spread across three games.


To be fair to myself, I did say that as soon as Barnes or Crawford were cleared to play, Hamilton would return to his rightful place on the bench. Barnes was the first to reactivate, so it makes sense that Hamilton the wing would be the player to lose minutes.

Crawford, unfortunately, is battling an injured calf and is "without a timetable". I'm not a doctor -- I only play one on TV -- but that sounds bad. If I had an injury, and I asked my doctor when I would be better, and my doctor shrugged and said, "you're guess is as good as mine," I would worry.

Fortunately for you, the fantasy player, there is a prescription for this fever: more J.J. Redick. In six March games, Redick is averaging 38+ minutes. That's not wholly unusual for a starting guard, but so far in his nearly two-season Clipper career, Redick has yet to average more than 32 minutes per game over a month's time.

Redick's not wasting the opportunity. He's pouring in nearly 21 points per night this month, a total that is buttressed by the five extra field goal attempts he's hoisting over every other month of the season.

Austin Rivers has gotten extra minutes too, but his contributions have been less consistent. With the Clippers firmly in the home stretch, Doc Rivers is eyeing playoff position and racing full-throttle to the end. Redick is fully integrated into the offense, and has become a key factor in quarters other than the first.

As long as Jamal Crawford is out, Redick is a high-scoring man.

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