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NBA scoreboard watching for Wednesday 3/18

Which games have playoff implications? Which teams can help the Clippers? Use this thread to discuss the other games around the Assoc tonight.

Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

There are ten other games on the NBA schedule this evening in addition to the Clippers at Sacramento. Among the teams the Clippers are either chasing or trying to hold off in the playoff race, Portland has a potentially tough road game against a somewhat resurgent Miami team, San Antonio is at Milwaukee, and Dallas hosts Orlando. Either Portland or San Antonio could lose their game, but Dallas ought to be safe.

The big game in the league is Atlanta at Golden State, though honestly it doesn't mean much to the Clippers since it's difficult to imagine a scenario in which the Warriors aren't the number one seed in the West.  Where it does matter is for home court advantage  in the NBA Finals, and whoever wins tonight will be in the driver's seat for that.

The early game on ESPN is Orlando at Dallas and the nightcap is the aforementioned Hawks-Warriors showdown. The Bucks and/or Heat can do the Clippers a favor tonight by beating the Spurs or the Blazers.

  • Brooklyn at Cleveland 4:00 PM
  • Detroit at Philadelphia 4:00 PM
  • Portland at Miami 4:30 PM
  • Minnesota at Toronto 4:30 PM
  • Indiana at Chicago 5:00 PM
  • San Antonio at Milwaukee 8:00 PM
  • Boston at Oklahoma City 5:00 PM
  • Orlando at Dallas 5:00 PM ESPN
  • Atlanta at Golden State 7:30 PM ESPN
  • Washington at Utah 7:30 PM