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#TWiCH : WWBA - World Wrestling Basketball Assosiation

This Week in Clippers History: Bill Walton's contract, Odom's triple-doubles, shooting bricks, Blake's first ever triple-double, and Jason Smith auditions for Vince McMahon

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

It's Thursday! Time for a quick stroll down memory lane, for a look back at the history of our favorite team, the Clippers. This week in the history of our favorite team was relatively slow, but I searched and searched and found these 5 gems. But first, the TWiCH Record:


And now, the stories:


Bill Walton's Weird Contract

In 1985, the Clippers were on the outside of the playoff 8 in the west, and it looked like they would miss the playoffs. With this, some interesting facts about the Big Redhead's contract were leaked. One of those facts was that Walton had the option to become a free agent if the Clippers missed the playoffs. Another one, was Walton's demand for 56 tickets to sold out Bruce Springsteen concerts at the Sports Arena. Walton asked for 8 tickets for each of the 7 sold out shows, which the Clippers were finally able to obtain from the Assistant GM of the Sports Arena.


Lamar Odom - Triple-Double Machine

During a 3 game stretch in March of 2001, Lamar Odom had 2 triple-doubles. For those of you who are only familiar with Kardashian era Odom, he was once one of the top young all around players, capible of a triple-double every game. The first of the 2 triple-doubles came against the Rockets, with 12 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists. The second came 2 games later against the Pistons, with 27 points, 16 rebounds, and 11 assists. For the season, Odom would average 17.2 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 5.2 assists.


Clippers Lay Bricks

The Clippers of the past always seemed to struggle against the Utah Jazz. In this particular game on March 22, 2003, the Clippers struggled the most struggling game they ever struggled. For the entire game, they shot 26% from the field. They made only 1 out of every 4 shots they took. The starters shot 22%, lead by lights out shooting from Wang Zhizhi (3 for 8). Somewhere in Salt Lake City, there is a mansion made of bricks, courtesy of the Clippers.


Blake Griffin's First Triple-Double

33 points, 17 rebounds, 10 assists


Jason Smith: The Newest WWE Heel

In a game in New Orleans, against the old Hornets, Blake Griffin was about to go in for a thunderous slam, when this happened:

Jason Smith would be ejected, and go on to pump up the crowd, proud of his tackle on Griffin. The crowd would back him, which was just as bad, and the Clippers would go on to lose the game 97-90. Smith would be suspended for 2 games, one of which would be against the Clippers in Los Angeles. Many Clippers fans were disappointed that they would not be able to show Smith what they thought.

Flash forward 3 years, just last night, and Griffin's good friend, DeAndre Jordan, got some revenge with this poster dunk:

Well there you have it Clippers fans, this weeks look back at Clippers history. Hope you enjoyed, and check back every Thursday for more #TWiCH. I leave you with this catchy tune from the 90's, what should be Blake Griffin's anthem, because no matter how much he gets pushed around, and knocked down, he always gets back up again.