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The Daily Clipper: D(J)POY Edition?

Doc lobbies hard for DJ to be the DPOY, Blake does a podcast, Jamal wants to play another 5 years, and other news around the web.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan making case for DPOY honors - Los Angeles Clippers Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
"He's clearly the defensive player of the year," Rivers said Sunday. "If anybody else gets that award, we need to have an investigation. … What he’s doing defensively, if he was doing that offensively, he would be recognized as the MVP or one of them, but because it's defense, no one notices."

Real Fan Life: Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce | The Players' Tribune

New Podcast from the Player's Tribune in which Blake Griffin calls in to explain how he got his staph infection.

NBA PM: Crawford Believes Clippers Can Win it All | Basketball Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News
"I think we’ve been in overlooked in some ways, but that’s okay with us," Crawford told Basketball Insiders in a phone interview. "We’re one of those teams that will ultimately be judged by our playoff success. We can win 50 or 60 games and people are still going to say, ‘Okay, well let’s see what they do in the playoffs.’ We’ve kind of graduated to one of those teams – we understand that. We just have to keep building good habits and go into the playoffs with momentum, everyone healthy and everyone playing the right way."

Blake Griffin Injury: Updates on Clippers Star's Recovery from Elbow Surgery | Bleacher Report
We could see Blake on Sunday, but it's not necessarily that likely. We should expect to see him by next week though

L.A. Clippers Schedule Breakdown and Predictions for Season's Final Six Weeks
Predictions for the Clippers last 21 games and 6 weeks of basketball

3. Los Angeles Clippers: 55-27
Can we collectively agree to stop selling the Los Angeles Clippers short?  Even without Blake Griffin in the lineup and with so little depth that a puddle would look at them condescendingly, the Clips have continued to win at a high rate and play impressive basketball. Chris Paul has been unbelievably effective, while DeAndre Jordan has been more than up to the challenge of stepping into a more featured role.

Clippers give a nod to NBA's new public report on officials' calls - LA Times
Barnes said he liked the idea of holding referees more accountable. Reports will be distributed the day after games in which teams are within five points of each other at the two-minute mark in the fourth quarter. "They're not perfect just like we're not perfect," Barnes said of the referees, "but I just feel like they should be held to a higher standard and I think this is the first step to it."

Michael Jordan is a billionaire - Business Insider
His Airness can largely thank Steve Ballmer for his new acceptance into the billionaire's club. Jordan owns the Charlotte Hornets, which saw its value increase from $410 million last year to $725 million this year after the Los Angeles Clippers' $2 billion sale to Steve Ballmer.