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Blake Griffin calls out lackluster Clippers crowd

That home court advantage thing? "Just not there for us," Griffin said.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers and the Golden State Warriors engaged in the league's marquee match-up of the night on Tuesday, with the hated Warriors visiting Staples Center to face the mighty wrath of Clipper Nation.

The two teams went at it in a feisty first-round match-up in the playoffs last season, and have treated NBA fans to raucous battles on national television this year. So, naturally, the fourth and final meeting of the season between the NBA's best rivals was expected to procure that coveted "playoff atmosphere," with the crowd willing the home team to victory.

And that's exactly what happened, except WRONG HOME TEAM, GUYS. NO, THE OTHER HOME TEAM. THE OTHER HOME--ON YOUR LEFT!

The Warriors players won the game and the Warriors fans won the war, according to none other than Blake Griffin, Clipper Nation's shining beacon of hope and pillar of glory.

Warriors fans' cries for "MVP" in support of Stephen Curry and other shouts of hullabaloo surely didn't go unnoticed to Clipper fans in attendance, or the players, it seems.

In the clip above, Griffin sounds like he's not mad, just disappointed. The worst.

When asked if the arena had a playoff atmosphere, Griffin responded, "Not really, no. Home-court advantage is just not there for us. So if that's how it feels in the playoffs, then it's not looking good."

"I don't know what we could do, but it would be great if it wasn't that way," he continued. "It's kinda like when we play the Lakers. I don't know, maybe worse."


Your move, Section 114.