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Matt Barnes Foul - Was It the Right Call?

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Was the late foul call on Matt Barnes the correct call, or did the refs get it wrong, and, in doing so, take the little remaining hope the Clippers had of winning the big game?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Was the foul that Matt Barnes committed on Andre Iguodala’s 3 point attempt in the 4th quarter a foul? According to the NBA it was. The NBA just released their Last Two Minute Report for last night’s game, and issued the following statement:

Barnes (LAC) does not give Iguodala (GSW) room to land on the jump shot as he makes knee to knee contact.

I have looked at the video provided as evidence, and it is hard to tell. I have also looked at the examples of similar fouls. Matt Barnes does come close to Iguodala. But does he make contact? I could not tell.

Ultimately, this call was a big part of the outcome of the game. I am not making any excuses for the poor play of the Clippers from pretty much the beginning of the 2nd quarter on, but even with the dismal play of everyone not named Blake Griffin, the team was down just 1 point when this play took place. In a close call, the ref called the foul on the 3 point attempt. Iguodala would go on to make all three of his free throws. So instead of the Clippers possibly getting the ball back just down 1 with a little over a minute remaining, they get the ball back down 4. That changes the whole strategy, and the call seemed to take some wind out of the Clippers sails.