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Are These the Next Uniforms of the LA Clippers?

Images of redesigned Clippers jerseys have hit the internet today.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports


Paul Lukas (Uni-Watch) released additional images that reflect the plans that the Clippers have for their re-brand.

Here are the logo designs:

And here are some other possible uniforms:

It is interesting to note that there are options for white and blue jerseys.  The previous leak suggested that they were moving away from these colors.  It will be fascinating to see the re-brand unfold this summer and learn what designs were chosen.


In non-playoff related news, photos hit the internet earlier today that show Blake Griffin modeling what may very well be the next incarnation of Clippers uniforms.  Let's just say that they are quite different from anything the Clippers have worn recently:

The images were originally posted by Paul Lukas at Uni-Watch and quickly spread over the internet.  Lukas says that these could be an earlier mockup of the uniform, but he believes that the finalized uniform will be in line with this design.

The primary color scheme looks to be red and black. Blue has taken a backseat in the design (but fans are still subjected to those interesting powder blue uniforms on Sundays). This makes a lot of sense, considering that red and black seem to be the colors that the team has chosen to emphasize this year. To demonstrate this point, take a look at the poster of the players that hangs inside Staples Center:

In this poster, red and black are the colors that pop.

The new design also suggests that the team wants to move in the direction of simplifying logos.  "LAC" replaces the "Los Angeles" script to which fans have grown accustomed.  The design looks more modern, and it moves the team away from the nautical theme.

Who knows what the final design will be.  If it looks like this mockup, it signals that the team could be undergoing a major rebrand.