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The Daily Clipper - Heart Breaker Edition

Triple-Doubles that don't matter, free throws hanging on a rim, DPOY finishing and much more in today's Daily Clipper.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

After All the Changes, Clippers Incapable of Seizing Franchise-Altering Moment | Bleacher Report
Blake getting a Triple-Double that nobody is talking about, Chris Paul getting ready to blow and the Bench is much more questionable than ever.

Kawhi Leonard Wins 2014-15 NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award | Bleacher Report
DeAndre Jordan coming in that third position for the second year in a row.. I'm sure some fans are quite, "upset."

Doc Rivers is losing his voice yelling at the Clippers -
I think Doc sounds pretty normal. If normal sounds like one of those smokers off the recent commercials with the holes in their throat.

3-pointer: What we learned from Spurs-Clippers Game 2 -
Throughout the first two games of all eight series in the first round, this has seen the highest quality of basketball. Whether it was the San Antonio Spurs trying to execute their offense in Game 1 or the Los Angeles Clippers throwing a good defensive scheme at the Spurs, the first game of this series was great, even if it was a double-digit victory. Then Game 2 happened Wednesday night and blew all of the other action away.

How Much Longer Can The Clippers Survive With This Bench?
Being in a 1-1 series tie with the San Antonio Spurs isn’t the worst position for the Los Angeles Clippers to find themselves in. The team has shown plenty of positive signs throughout the first two games of this series—Blake Griffin is dunking on fools! Chris Paul is in Playoff Mode! DeAndre Jordan actually made some free throws!—but there’s still a large, nasty stench hanging over this team, and it’s coming from their wack-ass bench.

Clippers fall to Spurs in overtime, 111-107

The botched Blake Griffin-DeAndre Jordan lob mattered. The J.J. Redick missed free throw that seemed to park on the lip of the rim before idling to the floor? Mattered. The Chris Paul game-winning try that wouldn’t fall over Tim Duncan’s outstretched arm? Oh you bet it mattered. Those Blake Griffin turnovers? Yeah, they mattered.