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Clips beat Spurs in Texas 102-96! Back to LA for Game 7!

In a massively entertaining game, the sixth of a massively entertaining series, the Clips go down to Texas and beat the champion Spurs to tie the series at 3-3! Go hug your children, go kiss your wife, the Clippers ARE ALIVE!

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Dogs are sleeping with cats, down is up, white is black, and home court in the playoffs means absolutely nothing. In another classic western conference bash, the Clips score a huge game six victory on the enemy court.

Blake Griffin went 26/6/12, Chris Paul goes 19/15, and JJ Redick scores a smooth 19 as the Clips overcome the crafty and elegant Spurs.

Stay tuned for the full recap, Game 7 is on Saturday GO CLIPS!!