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The Daily Clipper: Twice as Nice Edition

The Clippers look to double up and sweep the Lakers tonight and other news from around the web

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Breaking Down DeAndre Jordan's Evolution into an Elite Rim Protector | Bleacher Report
The Los Angeles ClippersDeAndre Jordan is arguably the most athletic center in the NBA, and his ability to block shots has never been in question. But rim protection—one of the most crucial aspects of NBA defense—isn't just about swatting shots into the stands. There are multiple components to patrolling the back line, and most of those nuances occur before a ball-handler even gets near the paint. It's within this technical minutiae that Jordan has shown significant improvement to become one of the league's best at guarding the basket.

Final Stretch: What’s Left In The West Race | Los Angeles Clippers
The Western Conference playoff race will be decided soon, as the playoffs begin in two weeks. Until then, the jockeying for position from the 2-seed to the 6-seed in the West continues to heat up.

L.A. Clippers Need Career Performance from J.J. Redick in 2015 NBA Playoffs | Bleacher Report
That's a concept plenty of offenses try to employ, but it is not one that all can execute properly. You need more than smart decision-makers and willing passers who read the floor well. You also need the guys off the ball who can cause those defensive blunders. This is where Redick comes in handy. There isn't another human (it's still unconfirmed what species Kyle Korver is) who runs off screens like Redick does. No one does it as actively. No one does it as intelligently. No one does it as consistently (Again, Korver is in his own category in this. Stay away, Atlanta Hawks fans. He's the best. We all agree on this).

NBA Western Conference playoff projections
Breaking down each of the probable first-round postseason matchups as the regular season draws to a close

Redick: "We’ve Become Mentally Tough" | Los Angeles Clippers
Head coach Doc Rivers knew when he got to the Clippers two years ago, growth, focus and mental toughness would be areas needing gradual improvement. The Clippers believe they’re reaping the benefits of that now.

Do low-post scoring centers make sense in the NBA?
The center position has been redefined over the past decade into a defense-first role. USA TODAY Sports discussed the new model with some of the best centers around.

Kevin Ding: Why Everyone in the NBA Seems to Hate Blake Griffin | Bleacher Report

Chris Paul for MVP? Why not, asks Byron Scott - LA Times
"So I'm a little biased because I still think he's the best point guard in the league," Scott said before his Lakers were defeated by Paul and the Clippers, 106-78, Sunday night at Staples Center. "I think definitely the way he's played this season, with some of the injuries that they've had, he definitely should be in the conversation."