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The New Episode of ClipCast is a Must Listen

ClipCast 103 "3 Games Left"

The Clippers have won 11 of their last 12 games and there's only 3 games left of the regular season.  It's anybody's guess who will play who in the wild, wild West and Wylde and Jag make plenty of guesses.  Blake Griffin kicks off the episode clearing the air about what he really meant when he called out the passion of the fans of Clipper Nation.  Chris Wylde goes into the belly of the beast and reports about his trip into the Laker locker room.  Also Wylde goes one on one with Austin Rivers and Jag asks Doc point blank: Nate or Hudson?  Oh and Jamal Crawford is back.  A huge episode with Blake, CP, Deej, Jamal, Doc, Austin and of course Wylde and the Jaguar. ClipCast_103.0.m4a