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Los Angeles Clippers: Top 5 Stories of the Week

Clippers get W's versus the Lakers, 25 road wins, Jamal is back, a tight playoff race, and CP3 is a dark horse MVP candidate, are the top 5 Clippers stories of the week.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers week started with an easy victory courtesy of the guys across the hall, the Los Angeles Lakers. The loss for the Lakers was their 56th, which broke the franchise record for most losses in a season, which was set last season, with 55.

To make things even better, the Clippers also set a record in the victory over the Lakers. Even though the game was played at Staples Center, it was played on the Lakers hardwood, which in turn meant that the game was a Lakers home game, which allowed the Clippers to get their 25th road victory of the season, which set a new franchise record.

The next game of the week saw the Clippers travel all the way to the other tunnel inside Staples Center, as they would host the Los Angeles Lakers, for the second meeting in 48 hours between the teams. This game would be much closer, as the Lakers seemed to be inspired to try to beat the Lakers. But even with a little luck, and a few bank shot Bingo's by the Lakers, the Clippers still came out victorious. The big story from the game was the return of Jamal Crawford, who had missed the previous 17 games. Although a little rusty, Jamal looked smooth on the court, and should bolster the Clippers weak bench just in time for the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, the Clippers are in the thick of a tight playoff race in the west, one that could see any of 5 teams (Rockets, Grizzlies, Blazers, Clippers, Spurs) finish anywhere from the 2 seed all the way down to the 6 seed. The only one of those teams guaranteed a top 4 seed is the one with the worst record, the Portland Trail Blazers.

Lately, Chris Paul has become the "cool" underdog choice for MVP. Everyone seems to think that it will be either James Harden of the Rockets, or Steph Curry of the Warriors. Even in a recent SB Nation article by Jason Patt, he puts Chris Paul as number 6 out of 6 potential MVP candidates. Patt even mentions that CP3 is having his best season as a Clipper, and that he "almost feel(s) bad" putting Paul sixth. Byron Scott, the Lakers coach, said that he thinks "CP is taken for granted".