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NBA Playoffs May 13 open thread -- Two big game 5s

The top seeds, Atlanta and Golden State, are back in the driver's seats as they return home for two Game 5s in deadlocked series.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The first round of the NBA playoffs featured only one truly competitive series. The second round has been almost completely opposite so far. Two series tied at two games a piece enter crucial Game 5s tonight. History tells us that the winner of Game 5 in a best of four almost always wins the series.

Washington Wizards at Atlanta Hawks, 5:00 PM, TNT -- Series tied 2-2

The Hawks finally looked a bit like the team with the best record in the East on Monday night in beating the Wizards to regain home court advantage. The series moves back to Atlanta tonight, and without John Wall Washington may be in trouble at this point.

Memphis Grizzlies at Golden State Warriors, 7:30 PM, TNT -- Series tied 2-2

The Grizzlies held the Warriors' shooters in check for Games 2 and 3, but you just knew they were going to bust out at some point which is what happened in Game 4. The Clippers would love to see an upset in this series, but the Warriors have now recaptured home court advantage, and if they're making shots, it's pretty tough to stop them. Golden State's Game 4 defensive adjustment was pretty brilliant as well. Andrew Bogut completely ignored Tony Allen to play rover, clogging the lane and doubling Zach Randolph and Pau Gasol. Allen was crucial in shutting down Klay Thompson in Games 2 and 3, but his complete inability to score was a massive liability in Game 4.