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Los Angeles Clippers: Top 5 Stories of the Week

This weeks top Clippers stories include Games 4, 5 & 6 of the playoff series versus the Rockets, Austin Rivers wants to be a Clipper next season, and a weird halftime show during game 4.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Coming off a big victory over the Houston Rockets in game 3, many expected the Rockets to come out strong, and put up a fight in game 4 on Sunday. Instead, they decided to start DJ hacking less than 4 minutes into the game. DeAndre Jordan would set a playoff high for most free throws in the first half with 28. This strategy helped keep the Rockets in the game, only trailing the Clippers by 6 at halftime. In the second half, with the Rockets team fouls kept to a minimum, they moved away from their first half strategy, and the Clippers pulled away. The Rockets torture ended with a 128 - 95 loss to the Clippers, who took a commanding 3 - 1 series lead.

For those fans attending game 4 at Staples Center that decided to stay in their seats for halftime, instead of getting a snack, a drink, or using the restroom, were treated to an unusual halftime show by Jack U, with help from Skrillex and Diplo. The show included a little dog driving a toy car, including some reverse action, Left Shark, a lady that loved hula-hoops, a DJ, and an old lady in a wheel chair, among other things.

After the game, TMZ sports caught up with Clippers guard, and coach's son, Austin Rivers. He just had the game of his career, scoring 25 points in the Clippers big win over the Rockets. Rivers told TMZ that he wants to be a Clipper next season, even if other teams approach him with big contracts.

On Tuesday, the series shifted back to Houston, with the Rockets in a do or die mode, down 3 - 1, and it showed. They had more energy, getting more rebounds and winning the loose ball battles, while getting to the free throw line, and making over 50% of their field goals. The Clippers didn't put up much of a fight, and the Rockets would win 124 - 103, to send the series back to Los Angeles for game 6.

Even though they failed in their attempt to close out the series in Houston, they had a second shot at closing out the series, this time in Los Angeles for game 6. The Rockets opened up a decent lead in the 2nd quarter, but Rockets coach Kevin McHale decided to intentionally foul DeAndre Jordan. Jordan would make his free throws, and the Clippers would retaliate by intentionally fouling Dwight Howard. Howard would miss his 2 free throws, and the Clippers would go on a mini run to end the half, and take a 2 point lead. The Clippers had a strong 3rd quarter, building a double digit lead, but decided to slow the pace down, and milk the clock. This backfired for the Clippers, as they lost all the momentum, and had a horrendous 4th quarter, eventually losing the game 119 - 107. With the loss, the series is now tied, and heading back to Houston for game 7. It's win or go home, and the Clippers have no more room for error. The question is can they bounce back from such a deflating defeat?