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Game 7 Preview ClipCast with Brian Sieman and Arash Markazi!

It's the biggest game in Clipper history so we made the biggest ClipCast in podcast history. The voice of the Clippers, Brian Sieman joins Chris Wylde and Mike "the Jaguar" Jaglin. But wait there's more! ESPN's voice of reason, Arash Markazi comes on to talk Game 7.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Game7Preview.0.m4a Without hyperbole the Clippers face their biggest Game 7 in franchise history and to celebrate ClipCast unleashes their best podcast yet.  Mike Jaglin and Chris Wylde welcome the voice of the Clippers, Brian Sieman to the show.  But wait, that's not all!  We've also got Arash Markazi, ESPN's official Clipper coverboy.  Can the Clippers extend their perfect Game 7 record?  If anybody knows the Clippers better than Wylde and Jag it's Sieman and Markazi.  Let's check in with them now.  It's Game 7!  It's Brian Sieman!  It's Arash Markazi!  It's ClipCast!Game7Preview.0.m4a