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ClipCast Presents DepressedCast

Well that was depressing. Once again Chris Paul and the Clippers can't get past round 2. Where do we go from here? Wylde and Jag discuss that and more. Enjoy if it's at all possible to feel joy right now.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

DepressedCast.0.m4a The Clipper Curse has yet to be broken, but is there a curse?  The future is bright with Ballmer, Doc, Chris and Blake all in place for years to come.  But the present is bleak my friends.  Does Doc shuffle the deck?  Is that the last we'll see of the Big Three?  What do we do from here?  All that is discussed and more on a brand new ClipCast.DepressedCast.0.m4a