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2014-2015 Exit Interviews: Reggie Bullock

The 2014-2015 Exit Interviews series continues with Reggie Bullock. Reggie, we hardly knew ye.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Reggie Bullock

Key Stats (with Clippers): 10.5 mpg, 2.6 ppg, 42.6% FG, 38.5% 3PT, 25 games, 2 starts

Age: 24

Years in NBA: 2

Years with Clippers: 1 1/2

2014-2015 Salary: $1,200,720

Contract Status: Club option ($1,252,440) exercised for 2015-2016. Phoenix holds additional club option for 2016-2017.

In A Nutshell:

Clearly talented, even more clearly raw, Bullock's Clipper career rarely got off the bench. Doc Rivers entrusted his first LA draft pick with just 658 minutes across 68 games and something around a season-and-a-half before shipping him to Phoenix in the three-team deal that brought Austin Rivers to town.

His lack of development and playing time represent a chicken-or-the-egg dilemma: which was responsible for the other? Doc rarely gave his youngish wing a chance, but it wasn't like Bullock set the world on fire when he did. Bullock scored in double-digits just twice, and one of those occurrences required a 4-for-6 three-point shooting performance.

In November, with Matt Barnes sidelined, Bullock earned two starts and rewarded his coach by missing 6 of 8 threes. Later in December, with the Clippers shuffling their feet and the bench an already obvious reason why, Doc threw his entire roster at the wall, giving Bullock 10 straight 10+ minute appearances. Bullock failed to stick. He was traded less than two weeks later.

It should be noted that Bullock was struck by tragedy when his sibling was slain in Baltimore in July 2014.


25th overall picks rarely work out, but Bullock's theoretical skillset seemed well-suited to this current roster. He shot nearly 44% from deep in his final college season at North Carolina, which combined with his solid 6'7" frame to invoke lazy comparisons to another former Tar Heel, Danny Green. He was also a plus rebounder in college for a wing. It's tough to conclude exactly which skills he brought with him to the NBA, given his sporadic on-court play, but his shooting stroke was artful and he was always game to check opposing scorers. Bullock never lacked for competitiveness.


Awareness. Or rather, the lack of it. Most Bullock commentary could be summed up, "He looks the part, he just doesn't get it." Lost on defense and tentative on offense is a bad formula. He's also not that young. He's nearly 18 months older than Austin Rivers.

Future With the Clippers Suns:

The Clippers exercised Bullock's third-year option last October before trading him. As a first-round pick, the Suns control Bullock's rights for at least the next three years (two option years, one of which has yet to be exercised, and a potential year as a restricted free agent). Bullock appeared in just 11 games for the Suns, but Phoenix Head Coach Jeff Hornacek, like most coaches, has been loath to give new players substantial playing time without showing something in practice first. Bullock's skillset would seem to fit Phoenix's roster plans. For what it's worth, shortly after the trade, Hornacek said of Bullock, "We see a future for us with him." He'll likely get a chance to impress his new club in summer league.

Favorite Moment:

Um... well, there was that night when... or... remember that shot he... hmm... "Uncle". I can't think of a single thing. I couldn't even find a relevant Reggie Bullock YouTube clip from the past 12 months. If you've got a special Bullock memory, please do share.