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Los Angeles Clippers: Top 5 Stories of the Week

This week's top stories include game 7, Dodgers fans, DeAndre vs. CP3, and postseason awards.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week marked the end of the Clippers 2014-15 basketball season. After taking a 3 - 1 series lead over the Houston Rockets, they lost 3 straight games, the final one a game 7 113 - 100 loss in Houston. The Clippers were never really in the game, with only one little run to cut the lead down to 3, before falling apart and losing the game.

Immediately after the game, fans at Dodger Stadium reacted to the news, by erupting into cheers. It seams that fans of LA's baseball team were happy to hear that the Clippers lost the game. You stay classy Dodgers fans!

With the season over, there were reports of a rift between DeAndre Jordan, and Clippers all-star point god Chris Paul. Although people with close ties to the Clippers, such as Ralph Lawler and Brian Sieman feel that the rumors are far fetched, the reports are that DeAndre Jordan is ready to leave the Clippers this season, and sign with another team. Of course in doing so he would give up a huge chunk of guaranteed money (the Clippers are the only team that can offer him a fifth year on his next contract, so signing with another team would mean forfeiting over $20 million dollars in guaranteed money). The team that seems to be the early front runner if he were to leave the Clippers are the Dallas Mavericks. Doc Rivers has stated that resigning DJ is the top priority for the team this off-season.

On the bright side of things, Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan were both named to the 2015 NBA All-Defensive Team, along with Draymond Green, Kawhi Leonard, and Tony Allen. Chris Paul was 8th in the NBA in steals per game with 1.8, but what was more impressive was that, in a league full of great point guards, he would actually defend them. With players like league MVP Steph Curry taking a break on defense while guarding the other team's weakest perimiter player, CP3 showed his defensive leadership by taking on the challenges. DeAndre was 2nd in the league in rebounds per game, and 4th in block shots.

Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan were not just tops in the league for defense, but they, along with teammate Blake Griffin, were among the top players in the league, as all three were named to All-NBA teams. Paul was named to the 2nd team, along with LaMarcus Aldridge, DeMarcus Cousins, Pau Gasol, and Russel Westbrook. Jordan and Griffin were named to the 3rd team, along with Tim Duncan, Klay Thompson, and Kyrie Irving.