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ClipCast: Paul Pierce to the Clippers?

You Can't Handle the Truth Rumors! Luckily Lucas Hann can. Lucas joins ClipCast to talk all things Clippers, including those pesky Paul Pierce rumors. Plus, Doc Rivers joins the conversation too.

You Can't Handle the Truth Rumors!
You Can't Handle the Truth Rumors!
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

TruthCast.0.m4a Paul Pierce may be packing up his things in DC and heading home to Los Angeles.  But is there any truth to these Doc Rivers and the Truth reunion rumors?  Luckily Lucas Hann joins an all new ClipCast to talk about that and more.  Doc joins the conversation as well so sit back and listen up Clips Nation.  It's your own Lucas Hann, Wylde, Jag and Doc Rivers on this special edition of TruthCast.