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2014-2015 Exit Interviews: C.J. Wilcox

The Exit Interviews move on with Clippers' 2014 1st round draft pick C.J. Wilcox, who had a mostly forgettable rookie season.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Name: CJ Wilcox

Key Stats: 5 mpg, 2.0 ppg, 0.3 rpg, 0.4 apg, with 42.1/36.8/1.00 shooting splits (only took 2 FTAs) in 21 games played

Age: 24

Years in the NBA: 1

Years with the Clippers: 1

2014-2015 Salary: $1,109,760

Contract Status: Fully guaranteed for $1,159,680 next season, with team options for 2017-2018

Season in a Nutshell:

CJ was drafted by the Clippers 28th overall in the 2014 draft as a four year senior out of the University of Washington. The sweet shooting wing was thought of as a limited but ready to go prospect right out of the gate, a guy who would be able to give minutes to an NBA team quickly, but would not grow into a star player. Sadly, he was never given a chance at real minutes this season with the Clippers, despite all the troubles they had on the wing. In fact, Wilcox never played a single relevant minute this season, with his highest minute total in any game being 17 in a meaningless loss to the Cavs in February. He slowly started to appear a bit more frequently down the stretch, but had no effect on the outcome of the season. He was the Clippers' victory cigar.


Shooting, shooting, and more shooting. Wilcox averaged 2.3 three pointers made per game in college, draining them at an impressive 39% clip. As another indicator of great touch and shooting ability, Wilcox hit 84% of his free throws in college, including an 87% rate in his senior year. Basically, Wilcox's future is as an NBA designated shooter ala Anthony Morrow or Kyle Korver (though those two are in the best possible outcomes of his comparisons). He is athletic enough to play some defense, and has great size and wingspan for a 2 guard. In college he was able to create some offense off the dribble, and was a decent overall scorer.


He was an old rookie, turning 24 in December, which means he doesn't have much upside. If he actually wasn't playable this year, it would be a very bad sign for his NBA future, though his contract for 2016-2017 will probably be picked up anyway. He is a bit small to guard the Small Forward position, and not quick enough to defend point guards. He is average athletically, and is not particularly strong or explosive. Wilcox has some ability to attack, but can't create consistently off the dribble.

Future with the Clippers:

Wilcox will definitely be on the roster next year barring a trade, and I think it somewhat doubtful that Doc gives up this quickly on yet another 1st round draft pick. As mentioned above, his option for the following season will probably be picked up as well unless Doc really didn't like what he saw. With the futures of Matt Barnes, Jamal Crawford, and Austin Rivers in Los Angeles all somewhat cloudy, Wilcox might have a better chance of cracking the rotation next season. I think that he can make shots at an NBA level, and that's really all that matters. In his tiny sample size in the NBA and the D-League he shot fairly well, and hopefully that continues in a much larger way next season.

Favorite Moment:

Probably the February 8 game against the Thunder. Wilcox played 9 minutes, his 3rd most on the season, and went 4/4, including a three, and also made his only free throw. While it was a blowout loss, scoring 10 points in nine minutes is a nice game for anyone, especially on perfect shooting. This was part of a three game stretch where Wilcox played in 29 of his 101 minutes on the season, seeing by far the most playing time of his rookie year.