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Los Angeles Clippers: Top 5 Stories of the Week

This weeks top Clippers stories include draft pick desires, Royce White, Paul Pierce, cornrows, and Too $hort.

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David Livingston/Getty Images

With the Clippers post-season now in the rear view mirror, much of the news revolving around the team is focused on the off-season. But one story, courtesy of TMZ Sports, relates to what could have been. Rapper Too $hort, a Bay Area native, admitted that he was hoping the Clippers would win. Now, before you go and download his latest album in support of his fandom of the Clippers, know that he was only cheering on the Clippers against the Rockets, so his team, the Golden State Warriors, could get revenge on the team that eliminated them from the playoffs a season ago.

The draft lottery took place on June 25, and the Clippers were not a part of it. But afterwards, rumors started circulating that the Clippers are very interested in acquiring a draft pick for the upcoming draft. League rules allow a team to "buy" a draft pick for up to $3 million. The team has already started working out potential draft picks, in preparation for their potential participation in the draft.

On top of draft picks, rumors have surfaced that Paul Pierce of the Washington Wizards might be interested in opting out of his current deal, and signing with the Clippers. Paul Pierce would bring veteran leadership, but at age 37 (38 by the time the season would start), would he have enough left in his tank to make a strong impact for the Clippers?

Another player rumor involves a former lottery pick who has had a difficult time adjusting to the NBA. Royce White, a talented forward, has yet to stick in the NBA due to his diagnosed OCD. He has had a hard time adjusting to the rigorous flying schedule of an NBA player. There are reports that some NBA teams have reached out to him about participating in Summer League games, and the Clippers are among those teams.

With no basketball to play, some Clippers players have already started to enjoy the relaxation of the off-season. One of those players is Spencer Hawes, who struggled in his first season with the team. While on vacation in Mexico, he decided to try out a new hairdo, and got cornrows. Unfortunately, once he came back to reality, he got rid of them, and he posted a picture on Instagram to prove it. But the bigger travesty is his shirt, which says "Running Sucks". I don't think that is the kind of opinion you want for a key piece of your championship puzzle, in a sport that requires a lot of running.