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Clippers Shock the Rockets To Steal Game 1, 117-101

No Chris Paul, no problem.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets learned an important lesson the hard way: the Clippers > the Mavericks. Math is fun.

To the Rockets' apparent surprise, the Clippers still showed up to play without Chris Paul and rode an explosive third quarter to a Game 1 victory, 117-101. The Rockets turned the ball over 23 times while playing at half speed, sending their fans to the exits early.

The Clippers, hardened and empowered by a series victory for the ages, stole home court advantage in what will hopefully be their only game without their star point guard. Blake Griffin notched yet another triple-double, DeAndre Jordan acquitted himself well against Dwight Howard, and J.J. Redick, Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Austin Rivers each hit at least three from deep.

Justin Russo will have a complete game recap for you soon!