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Clippers New Logo: Isn't It Ironic?

Steve Ballmer and Blake Griffin's new Funny or Die video promoting the Clippers new logo by showing off the boss's branding talents falls short due to an ironic twist.

The big day is here. One of the worst kept secrets in the history of the Clippers has officially been revealed. The Clippers new logo, and along with it new jerseys, were announced by team owner Steve Ballmer on last nights episode of Conan. We have all seen these new jerseys. Back in April, revealed the possible new threads on their website, and the discussions started on ClipsNation and around social media, with mixed reactions.

With no new news for a couple months, the chatter died down, until recently, when the unavailing date, today, was announced by the team. Along with Ballmers appearance on Conan last night, the team has many events planned across Los Angeles (sadly nothing in Orange County, where I live apparently they have made their way to Orange County, with picks of shirts at Downtown Disney, hope they can make it down to UC Irvine!) where they will be giving away shirts and hats with the new branding on them.

Along with all the festivities, Ballmer, Blake Griffin and a few teammates, created a video for website FunnyOrDie, showing how the new logo was created. In the video, Ballmer gathers the Clippers players, and pumps them up for the unveiling of a new logo that he has created for the team. After a Ballmer beat box drum roll, pulls the cover off his new creation to unveil the next Clippers logo, which is just the Carl's Jr. (Hardee's for our east coast readers) logo with Clippers replacing Carl's Jr.

clippers carls

When the players advise the owner that the "new" logo is just the Carl's Jr. logo, the owner lets them know that he has backup options. He goes on to show a selection of logos, with all of them just being rip offs of famous logos from companies like Burger King, Mercedes-Benz, and of course Microsoft, among others.

When Ballmer unveils a logo that is just the exact UPS logo, stating that "we got ups, ups, ups", Griffin interjects, and asks if he can take a stab at creating the new logo. A montage is then shown, with Griffin working hard, using various tools, to create the new logo. At the end, he presents the new logo to his team mates along with the owner, and they all cheer in support of it.

blake logo

team mates approve

Now here is the ironic part. Griffin took the lead on the new logo because Ballmer was only copying logos from other businesses. But, as any avid video gamer can see, Griffin's design is itself a rip off of another logo. For anyone who played sports games in the mid to late 2000's, you might say to yourself "that logo looks familiar". Well it is. It looks very similar to the NBA Live logo.

nba live

clippers new logo

Just change the colors and font a little, add the Clippers new LAC logo instead of the EA Sports logo, and it looks extremely similar.

So what have we learned? Ballmer and Griffin both have no creativity when it comes to creating a new logo for the Clippers. Blake thinks he has created something new, and his team mates seem to agree, and like it. But in fact, Griffin just channeled his inner child and brought back the logo for the video game he probably played as a teenager.

Check out the entire FunnyOrDie video here.