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2014-2015 Exit Interviews: Glen Davis

The exit interview train rolls on, next stop... Big Baby

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Name: Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Key Stats: Games Played: 74, PPG 4.0, RPG 2.3, BPG 0.3, PER 10.88, FG% .459

Age: 29

Years in NBA: 7

Years with Clippers: 1.5

2014-2015 Salary: Base: $1,227,985 Cap Hit: $914.243

Contract Status: Unrestricted Free Agent

In a Nutshell: You can sum up Glen Davis's season with a paraphrase of Dennis Green, he was who we thought he was. That said, he ended up playing a bigger role than expected. At the beginning of the season, Davis was thought to cover spot minutes at the as a big off the bench behind Spencer Hawes. But, once Hawes drastically underwhelmed, Baby stepped up to be the first big off the bench. The beloved big man filled in adequately and  arguably won a few games as a contagious catalyst.

Strengths: Without a doubt, Big Baby's biggest strength is his energy off the bench. The man can ignite STAPLES by taking a charge and then ravenously foaming at the mouth while strutting back down the court. Numerous times, including the playoffs, Davis' energy was infectious and led to a spark in play. Beyond sheer energy, Davis brings playoff experience, he is the only player on the roster with a Championship ring. He also has a decent midrange game and knows how to throw his weight around.

Weaknesses: While Davis has no shortcomings in girth, as a big man he is a bit short. He has trouble covering tall and athletic bigs like Dwight Howard. Baby can get beat-up on the boards and isn't the greatest finisher around the rim. He can't really stretch the floor and doesn't have the best conditioning. He also is prone to the occasional moving screen- perhaps more than occasional.

Future With the Clippers: On a minimum contract, there is no reason not to bring Big Baby back. Ideally, Hawes will fix whatever went wrong this season and Davis will be able to assume a lesser role as hype-man extraordinaire. Obviously, you don't want to go into next season relying on Big Baby as your first big off the bench, but he can still be a key role player. You can't underestimate his value as a glue guy. Worst case scenario, he is one hell of a towel-waver. As one of the final four spots on a roster, the Clippers could do a lot worse.