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Draft Day Primer: First Dominoes Fall on the Eve of the Draft

Teams kicked off the annual festivities with a few trades the day before 60 rookies will be selected by their teams.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Here's what you need to know, from a Clipper-Centric perspective, going into draft day:

  • The Clippers have no pick
  • They are looking to buy a pick
  • They've worked out the players listed here
  • Jamal Crawford is the team's best trade chip, with CJ Wilcox to offer as sweetener and no 1st rounders to trade until 2019.
  • The Clippers could be involved as a 3rd or 4th team in trades today without actually acquiring a pick
  • They'll be targeting small forwards (specifically, it seems, Wilson Chandler) and a quality reserve big man.
Here's what went down the day before the draft, getting the ball rolling for what's always a crazy day in the league:

  • Thaddeus Young opted out of an almost $10 million salary with Brooklyn to become a free agent.
  • Orlando traded Luke Ridnour to Memphis for the rights to Janis Timma, a 2nd round pick from 2013.  Woj says that Ridnour could be used again as a trading chip on draft day.
  • Dallas leaked that they would trade Monta Ellis if he opted in to his contract, and as a result he's opted out.
  • Kevin Love opted out of the final year of his contract with Cleveland.
  • The Rockets picked up their team option on Kostas Papanickolau, whose contract is still not guaranteed until October 4th.
  • The Hornets are open to moving Cody Zeller, especially for a wing player.
  • David West, a potential Clippers target, opted out of over $12 million in Indiana, because he didn't want to stay "just for the money".
  • The Thunder are saving money by sending Jeremy Lamb to Charlotte for Matt Barnes,  It's unclear where Barnes ends up, but apparently he won't be a Thunder player next season.
  • Charlotte traded Gerald Henderson and Noah Vonleh to Portland for Nic Batum.
  • The Lakers and Kings are reportedly in serious talks about a DeMarcus Cousins trade.
That's all for now as we head into the morning of Draft Day.  We'll be here all day with threads, news, and analysis.