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June 27th: Clippers Salary Situation

Here's what the table looks like, given all the recent changes

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

In a quick update to our comprehensive Off-Season Primer, here's a quick update of the table Larson put together last month.

Players 2014-2015 Salary 2015-2016 Salary Status Contract Details
Chris Paul $20,068,563 $21,468,696 Guaranteed N/A
Blake Griffin $17,674,613 $18,907,725 Guaranteed N/A
Lance Stephenson $9,000,000 $9,000,000 Guaranteed N/A
J.J Redick $6,792,500 $7,085,000 Guaranteed N/A
CJ Wilcox $1,109,760 $1,159,680 Guaranteed N/A
Jamal Crawford $5,450,000 $5,675,000 Non-Guaranteed $1.5 million guaranteed; fully guaranteed on 6/30
Jordan Hamilton $150,591 $1,015,421 Non-Guaranteed Can't be traded until 6/20; $0 guaranteed
Lester Hudson $27,887 $1,015,421 Non-Guaranteed Can't be traded until 7/11; $0 guaranteed; fully guaranteed on 7/15
DeAndre Jordan $11.440,123 $17,160,184.5 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Full Bird Rights
Austin Rivers $2,439,840 $3,110,796 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Limited Bird Rights
Glen Davis $915,243 $947,276 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Limited Bird Rights
Hedo Turkoglu $915,243 $947,276 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Early Bird Rights
Ekpe Udoh $915,243 $947,276 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Early Bird Rights
Dahntay Jones $387,632 $947,276 (cap hold) Unrestricted Free Agent Non-Bird Rights
Jordan Farmar $1,764,701 $510,122 Unrestricted Free Agent Stretched
Carlos Delfino $650,000 $650,000 Unrestricted Free Agent Stretched
Miroslav Raduljica $252,042 $252,042 Unrestricted Free Agent Stretched
Branden Dawson

2nd Round Draft Pick Clippers own his rights, minimum salary is $525,093
Jared Cunningham $915,243 Unrestricted Free Agent Trade Exception

This brings the Clippers' totals to the following:

2015-2016 Guaranteed Salary $60,534,065 Only guaranteed dollars
2015-2016 Inclusive Salary $66,739,907 Including non-guaranteed dollars
2015-2016 Held Salary $90,953,969,30 Including non-guaranteed and cap holds

The cap is still projected at $67.4 million, with a tax line of $82 million and an apron of $86 million.  However, just because the Clippers have a low guaranteed salary does not mean that they can get $7 million in cap space to add a free agent.  That $60,534,065 figure is for Paul, Griffin, Stephenson, Redick, and Wilcox.  In order to fill out the roster, the Clippers would have seven cap holds, each at $525,093, bringing their total above $64.2 million.  Ultimately, the Clippers would be left with about $3 million in room (slightly less than the mMLE) and the room MLE of under $3 million, and would have to waive Jamal Crawford, Lester Hudson, and Jordan Hamilton, as well as renounce DeAndre Jordan, Austin Rivers, Glen Davis, Hedo Turkoglu, Ekpe Udoh, and Dahntay Jones.  This makes going for cap room an unrealistic option.