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DeAndre Jordan Will Meet With Clippers Last

The incumbents will get the last word.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

According to Brad Turner of the LA Times, DeAndre Jordan will meet with his other three potential suitors on July 1st, then with the Clippers on Thursday, July 2nd.

Brad Turner ✔@BA_Turner
DeAndre Jordan scheduled to meet with Dallas, Lakers, Knicks, all on Wednesday, sources. DJ will meet Clippers last on Thursday.
3:33 PM - 29 Jun 2015

We can analyze this all we want.  Maybe it's a bad thing because a convincing pitch from one of the earlier teams could mean his mind is made up heading in to Thursday.  Maybe it's a good thing: he's doing his due diligence but once he's wined and dined, he'll agree to come back to the Clippers in his final meeting.

Ultimately, the schedule is set, we know who's pitching and when, and it's time to let it all play out in just about 29 hours.