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Reports Indicate Pierce Is Leaning Towards Returning to Wizards

Several national writers are reporting that Pierce is leaning towards a return to D.C.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

According to Sam Amick, the Clippers front office is not optimistic that Paul Pierce will take less money to come to Los Angeles.  The Wizards called Pierce as soon as free agency opened but no agreement has been reported yet.

Also, Chris Mannix is reporting that talks went well between Washington and Pierce.

Pierce was always a questionable fit, at 38 years old, starting him full-time is a risk on a team without much depth, and his defensive abilities are not up to par with what the Clippers need on the wing.  Los Angeles can only offer him the taxpayer's mid-level exception of about 3.376 million, which is only a little over half of what the Wizards can give him.  No deal has been reported, so there is still an opportunity for Pierce to reunite with his former coach, Doc Rivers, but it looks unlikely, especially given that the Clippers are very unlikely to make moves until they know DeAndre Jordan's plans.