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NBA Finals Warriors-Cavs Game 3 open thread

The NBA Finals are improbably tied at a game apiece after Cleveland stole Game 2 on the road. But the Warriors (especially Steph Curry) aren't going to shoot that bad very often.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well just when everyone had written off the Cavs as having no chance against the Warriors, they went and won Game 2 in overtime in Oakland. Does that mean everyone was wrong?

Nah, they still have no chance. Not unless you think Stephen Curry is going to shoot 13 out of 15 three pointers again (hint: he's not).

Is it just me, or was Clippers-Spurs literally the only decent series this post-season? I mean, sure, both Finals games so far have gone into overtime, so it's been close and exciting. Just brutally, brutally bad basketball. The Cavs won Game 2 WHILE shooting 32% from the field. You can credit great defense if you like, but let's be clear -- there's been a LOT of bad offense in there as well.