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Clippers Night at Dodger Stadium

July 28th when the Dodgers play the Oakland A's will be Clippers Night at Dodger Stadium and they will be giving away a special Dodgers/Clippers T-Shirt

For any Dodgers fans out there, they are have a promotion coming up for fans of the Clippers. Buy your tickets to the game at this link and you'll get a voucher redeemable for a co-branded Dodgers/Clippers T-Shirt!

It's nice to see the Dodgers embracing Clippers fans here, and the T-Shirt would be a bit of a novelty. If you're also a Dodgers fan then it's a chance to get a shirt with two of your teams on it -- a rare roundball/hardball mashup!

The game is Tuesday, July 28th, against the Oakland A's. There are four different price levels for tickets but hurry before the game sells out. You must buy the ticket from the link to get the T-Shirt.

Fun fact: the last time I watched the Dodgers play the A's at Dodger Stadium was the 1974 World Series. I was an A's fan at the time (Bert Campaneris was my favorite player), and was wearing my A's cap in the left-field bleachers where my poor dad had to protect me from angry Dodger fans.

But I digress. Go get your tickets for the game and get that T-Shirt.