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Report: Clippers to Sign Josh Smith

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

According to Shams Charania of RealGM, the Clippers have reached a contract agreement with Josh Smith. The Clippers can only use the minimum salary to sign players at this point, meaning that Smith likely took a significant cut from what he could have gotten to return in Houston.

While remaining infamous among Clippers fans for his role in the team's elimination just a few months ago, it's undeniable that Smith's a very talented player to have on the second unit, especially if Doc Rivers can wrangle him into attempting less threes.

We'll have more on this as it develops, but Smith likely indicates that the Clippers will turn to small-bal,l and play minutes with Smith at the 4 and Griffin at the 5, in ultra-quick and athletic lineups. The 29-year-old is only a 28.5% career shooter from deep with over 1,400 attempts. He has averaged over 2 blocks per 36 minutes over the course of his career.

His deal is likely a one-year minimum contract with a player option for a second year, which is the best offer that the Clippers can tender him, as they're over the apron and have used their taxpayer mid-level exception.

Objectively, this is a great signing for the Clippers. Subjectively, it'll be a little hard for me and others, as I've been quicker to laugh at Smith for his insane insistence on shooting tons of threes at an awful percentage than praise him for what he does well on the court.