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Jordan, Griffin Explain DeAndre's Free Agency Process

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a duet of columns on The Player's Tribune, DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin outlined tonight their stories in regards to DJ's free agency debacle of two weeks ago.

DJ is honest and candid in what I believe are his first public remarks since the craziest day in Twitter history.  You can read his short introduction and watch his video here.

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Blake Griffin is a little bit more of a comedian, as usual, and he sheds a little bit of light on what was apparently not-so-crazy of a day.  You can read his full column here.

These will, of course, spark a while new set of debates about who should have called whom and whether the moratorium should be changed and all the usual stuff, but I personally think it's pretty great to have something like The Player's Tribune available to us as fans.  We don't have to worry about spins and out-of-context quotes from reporters, or about players not telling the full truth to the media.  It's all right there, first-person.