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Wesley Johnson Believes in the Los Angeles Clippers

The former Laker wanted a chance to win.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In a piece for the LA Times, Melissa Rohlin does a brief outline of Wesley Johnson, one of the Clippers' new free agent signings. Johnson is a 28-year-old SF who was highly touted as a prospect, but has been decidedly mediocre throughout his career. For the league minimum, however, he is a great signing.

Johnson tells Rohlin in the article that he believes in this Clippers team, and chose to come here because he wanted to win after a professional career that has found his teams consistently in the lottery.

"With the people we added to the team, and me coming along, I think we're able to compete every night with them and stand toe-to-toe with anybody," he said.


"I want a chance to win," he said. "My track record through my career is I've been on teams, unfortunately, that have been bad. So, fortunately, I'm on the other side."

Johnson's role with the Clippers this season is unclear — he shot well last year with the Lakers (39% on catch-and-shoot threes), and he can seemingly play both forward positions, but given the Clippers' deep roster and crowded rotation, he could struggle to find minutes depending on Paul Pierce's role and effectiveness during the regular season.