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Austin Rivers Leaves Relativity Sports, Dan Fegan

Could DeAndre Jordan follow him?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Sports business reporter Liz Mullen reported this interesting piece of news earlier today.

If you're unaware, Relativity Sports' basketball operations are run by none other than Dan Fegan. Fegan of course represents DeAndre Jordan, who froze him out when reneging on his verbal commitment to the Dallas Mavericks and re-signing with the Clippers. Fegan didn't show up to DeAndre's house to be present to sign his max deal either; his second-in-command Jarinn Akana did the honors in his stead.

This has led many to speculate that Fegan was partly responsible for the initial commitment, unethically steering him towards the Mavericks and their owner Mark Cuban (who he is friends with). Notably, none of the Clippers have spoken on this matter, and J.J. Redick steered away from questions about Fegan on his appearance on the Lowe Post.

However, that fiasco didn't seem to prevent Rivers from re-signing with the Clippers and his father, as he took the largest deal the Clippers could offer up, with a player option after this season. For all we know, his decision to leave Relativity could be entirely unrelated to the Jordan situation. But the timing is suspect, and it raises the question of whether DeAndre will follow (as of now, he's still represented by Fegan, who probably likes the sizeable commission he gets from Jordan's max deal regardless of his free agency situation).