The 10.5 Magnitude QuakeThat Is About To Shock the Entire Clipperland!

ESPN has just reported that DJ is on the verge of agreeing with the Mavs an $80M contract for 4 years. Texas indeed is bigger than LA and home calling is an option DJ cannot resist. Mom knows best and DJ like a good son followed the advice of his family. Of course, there are other personal reasons that led to DJ's leaning towards the Mavs. He is hoping to be an All Star and the # 1 option in offense and the # 1 defender of the Mavs. Who would not want to be tagged as the #1 player of the team as compared to being # 3 with the Clippers.

I hope Doc has a very good or an acceptable backup plan for this year even though the championship throphy could really be out of sight and therfore out of mind.

Well here come perhaps Amare, Biyombo, Reggie, and who else is out there?

It sucks but it's reality.

Even the mighty $ of Ballmer cannot entice DJ to stay....

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