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Josh Smith Explains It All

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Players Tribune is cleaning up Clipper offseason controversy well enough. In an article entitled "Facts Only," Josh Smith explains what he was talking about in that quote that has crossed many national media outlets. Spoilers: (though I doubt you'll need them) He was talking about his family. While we put 2 and 2 together earlier, it's nice to hear from Smith himself. In that article, Smith says:

The whole thing about it being "harder on me" comes down to family. It seems obvious to me, but maybe I could have said it more clearly. If you know the NBA, you know that moving to a new team is a decision that affects an athlete’s whole family. That’s even more true when you’re signing a one-year deal. With a one-year deal, there’s less stability because you know you might be moving again in a year.

There you have it folks. Turns out when Smith said it wasn't about the money... well, it wasn't about the money.

But hey this Clippers team looks good.