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NBA Summer League 2015: Clippers vs. Heat Preview and Open Thread

Clippers play fourth SL game against Miami

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Clippers got their first win of the summer league yesterday, beating the Thunder in a whopping 63-80 finish. The Clippers fourth game will be played later today at 2 PM against the Miami Heat, as always on NBA TV or one of their digital outlets.

For a summer league game, yesterday's competition was actually pretty interesting. Branden Dawson started the game, kicking the underperforming Royce White out of the starting lineup and out of the game minutes completely. Dawson had 14 points and 11 rebounds, plus an excellent effort on defense. I wouldn't be surprised to see him start today as well. Nate Wolters and CJ Wilcox continue to be major contributors, although at 7-17 for shot attempts Wilcox could stand to be a bit more productive.

Despite being under contract, Jordan Hamilton did not play in yesterday's game against the Thunder. Perhaps this was to give some opportunities to more of the prospects playing on the summer league team. I'm still waiting to see more consistency from Liam McMorrow, who had a pretty solid first two games but with only five rebounds and three points was somewhat lackluster yesterday.

The Clippers definitely have their work cut out for them today. Miami has yet to lose a game this summer, and Justise Winslow has dominated this tournament, living up to his status as this year's 10th overall draft pick. The Heat also have the advantage of coming off of one day of rest, whereas this will be the Clippers second game back-to-back.