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DeAndre Jordan Will Return to the Clippers

Somehow, it happened.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After a chaotic opening few days of free agency, DeAndre Jordan chose to move on and play in Dallas for the next four years.

The deal was agreed to, the Clippers had moved on to exploring alternative options, and Dallas had begin the process of filling out the rest of their roster.

However, Jordan never confirmed his agreement--it was all reports.  There's no doubt that he committed to the Mavericks, but it's interesting at least that he never put anything out on social media announcing his destination or thanking the Clippers for the last 7 years--a step that many, many free agents who are less significant than DeAndre take upon switching teams.  Surely enough, DJ's heart wasn't set on Dallas, but he succumbed to pressure from his agent.  But pressure from family members who believed that the best thing for Jordan and his career was a return to the Clippers shifted the 26-year-old's position over the weekend, and according to reports, he contacted Blake Griffin and Doc Rivers Monday morning: "I've made a mistake."

In an effort to make a last-ditch effort in the reopened free agency, Doc Rivers assembled the core of the organization in Houston today to meet with DJ.  Doc, owner Steve Ballmer, Chris Paul, J.J. Redick, Paul Pierce, and Blake Griffin were all present as they attempted to lobby their friend and teammate.  The Clippers have given DJ a four-year maximum contract worth over $80 million for 4 years, with an opt-out before the final season.

And, against all odds, it worked.

DeAndre Jordan is back.

And the people rejoiced, for all was well.