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2015-16 NBA Schedule: Clippers to Face Dallas for Home Opener in Los Angeles

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Ralph Lawler joined the Home Team on The Beast 980 this morning to leak that the Clippers will open the season at home against the Dallas Mavericks.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The league has decided to open the Clippers season with a bang, giving them a match-up against DeAndre Jordan's former new team, the Dallas Mavericks. There has been much speculation as to when the two teams would meet, with a game in Dallas, leaked by Mark Stein yesterday, to be played just a couple weeks into the season on November 11.

The season series between these two teams will definitely be in the spotlight, after DeAndre Jordan reneged on his choice to join the Mavericks, after being highly courted by Chandler Parsons and Mark Cuban. After making his initial decision, he had a change of heart, and decided to stay with the only NBA team he has played for, signing the contract after a wild and crazy day involving a bunch of emojis and tweets.

Although the game in Dallas is sure to have more drama and story lines, the opening night match-up of these two teams is sure to be full of some emotion and drama. Hopefully Clippers season ticket holders resist the temptation to sell their opening night tickets.

Nothing is official until the NBA releases the schedule, and of course, things can change. There will be more in depth coverage throughout the day, when the schedule is officially released by the league shortly after 3pm pacific time.

Update: The full schedule has been released, and it looks as though the game against Dallas will be the home opener, not the season opener. Clippers will open the season on the road in Sacramento. Check out all the ClipsNation coverage of the 2015-16 schedule here.