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2015-16 Schedule: NBA Releases Full Schedule For Clippers

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We have details of the full schedule, as well as information on all the key games this season.

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The full schedule can be found here. We'll have much more analysis on national TV games, back-to-backs, and more coming soon. For now, let's take a look at some of the key games this season:

October 28, at Sacramento Kings — 7:00 PM PST

The Clippers open the season on the road in Sactown, playing the new-look Kings — who they'll see again in Los Angeles on the 31st. The Clippers had their first loss last year against Sacramento, but with a new and possibly improved roster for the Kings, it may be good to play them earlier in the season.

October 29, vs. Dallas Mavericks — 7:30 PM PST (TNT)

The home opener may be a boon for TV ratings, but the on-court matchup may not live up to the hype. For all the animosity surrounding DeAndre Jordan's decision to decommit from the Mavericks, there shouldn't be much extracurricular activity on the floor. Jordan and Chandler Parsons have reportedly made up, and few other players on the Mavericks were affected by the decision. Players like Wesley Matthews (who may miss this game recovering from an Achilles injury) and J.J. Barea actually got larger contracts as a result, and may be secretly thanking DJ for that.

November 4, at Golden State Warriors — 7:30 PM PST (ESPN)

The Clippers get their first shot at the defending champs during the first week of the season. As in years past, no love will be lost in this game, and the Warriors certainly won't be resting on their laurels here.

November 11, at Dallas Mavericks — 5:00 PM PST (ESPN)

The return to Dallas might not be so tranquil, though. DeAndre Jordan may now be Public Enemy #1 in the eyes of Mavs fans, and they'll be certain to let him hear it. It is possible that Mark Cuban takes revenge on his one-time prize free agent, and subjects us to a four hour hackfest in which every Dallas player fouls out of by the end.

December 25, at Los Angeles Lakers — 7:30 PM PST (ESPN)

The nightcap on the holiday festivities isn't the Warriors clash we've seen three of the past four years, but it should be a fun romp nonetheless. A blowout against the Lakers is always a good time, and might allow East Coast fans to get their dose of highlights and an early night's rest. But even though the Clippers have won 11 of 12 in this Staples Center rivalry, the Lakers have made a few of them into games closer than they should be. Wesley Johnson's Revenge (not to be confused with Montezuma's Revenge) could be an intriguing subplot.

January 18, vs. Houston Rockets — 7:30 PM PST (TNT)

Martin Luther King Day features a primetime showdown between the Clippers and the team who ended their postseason run last year. Despite losing to Houston, the Clippers got both Josh Smith and Pablo Prigioni to defect to Los Angeles. The Clippers play two games against Houston before this one (including one on Nov. 7).