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ClipCast Dissects All 82 Games

The loons over at ClipCast invite Key and Peele director and Clipper fanatic Payman Benz on to dissect all 82 games of the upcoming schedule

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Schedule Day Clipper Nation!  To celebrate one of the greatest days of summer Chris Wylde and Mike "The Jaguar" Jaglin invite comedy taste maker and Clipper fan Payman Benz on to the show to dissect all 82 upcoming Clipper games.  It's a Schedule Day ClipCast for the ages.  Get a pot of coffee on the stove because this is a former Clipper great Matty Barnes Barn Burner!  Stick around to the end of the podcast for an Easter Egg treat of the song of the summer, Lance Stephenson's "Born Ready".  It's fire!