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Twitter: Austin Rivers thinks he is "better than a lot of dudes" who played in Team USA Showcase

Austin took to Twitter earlier today to share his thoughts on how good of a player he is.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

According to Austin Rivers, he is "Straight up better than a lot of those dudes playing last night".

You have got to love his confidence, although many players might feel disrespected. The Team USA showcase was a bit talent deprived, with many of the top players sitting the game out, which caused Jerry Colangelo and Team USA to call in reinforcements, with players such as Elfrid Payton and CJ Watson of the Orlando Magic joining the squads. Maybe Rivers was referring to those late additions to the squad, but it's not like there were a whole lot of them.

Does Austin Rivers really think that he is better than players such as Harrison Barnes, Mason Plumlee, and Victor Oladipo? If so, like his tweet says, he has to prove it this year.