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Report: Knicks and Cavs Interested in Jamal Crawford

According to reports, the Knicks and Cavaliers have expressed interest in the Clippers's 6th Man of the Year

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The rumor mill surrounding Jamal Crawford just won't end this summer. The Clippers loaded up their reserve back court this summer by acquiring Austin Rivers, Pablo Prigioni, and Lance Stephenson, leaving many to wonder how Jamal Crawford fits into the mix. With various reports that the Clippers were shopping Crawford around the league, Frank Isola from the New York Daily News today reported that the Knicks and Cavaliers may be interested buyers.

A deal with the Knicks seems unlikely as the only player they can really trade for Jamal is Jose Calderon (that deal would require C.J. Wilcox going to the Knicks as well for salary purposes). While the Clippers may have been interested in this type of trade earlier in the summer, signing Pablo Prigioni makes Calderon, and his salary for next year, much less appealing.

Similarly the Cavs have very little to offer the Clippers. They do have a TPE from Brendan Haywood by which they could simply absorb Jamal's contract, but it's doubtful the Clippers are looking at Crawford purely as a salary dump or a TPE for later use. Anderson Varajeo makes too much money for Crawford to fetch, and there's likely no chance the Cavs trade Tristan Thompson, even if he signs the qualifying offer for this season.

With nothing attractive being offered in exchange for Jamal, the Clippers will likely maintain their current course, holding on to Crawford for the time being, but keeping their ears open.