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Golf: Chris Paul and Tiger Woods with a Little Bit of Trash Talk

Chris Paul joined Tiger Woods today at the Wyndham Championship Louis DeJoy and Aldona Z. Wos Family Foundation Pro-Am at Sedgefield Country Club in Greensboro, NC, with the two star athletes engaging in some good old fashioned trash talk.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

During their time on the course, Paul and Woods bantered back and forth, while making fans in attendance laugh.

Chris Paul of the Clippers stated afterwards that Woods is the reason he even plays golf, while Woods acknowledged that Paul attends a lot of his charities. The relaxed nature of the match might be the right medicine to relax Woods for the Wyndham Championship, which starts tomorrow, at the same course Woods and Paul played on today.

Although the match today probably wasn't anything more than a fun day outside for CP3, Woods, who has struggled with his golf game in recent years, used today's round of golf to prepare for the Wyndham Championship, and a late push for the playoffs. This will be the first time that Woods will be participating in final event of a PGA tour season.

Afterwards, when asked by reporters "who won" and "who is paying for dinner?", Paul responded that his wallet will stay in his pocket.