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Important Announcement

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Effective immediately, Lucas Hann will assume the role of Managing Editor of Clips Nation.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I started my original Clippers blog,, in May of 2006. Sam Cassell was the Clippers' point guard. I got so tired of typing Mike Dunleavy Sr. (if I only typed Mike Dunleavy then the software would autolink to the player) that I coined MDsr for short. And apparently, based on that profile picture, I was younger at the time.

I joined the fledgling SBNation network of blogs a few months later, and in September 2006 ClipsNation was born. For the first five or six seasons, I wrote almost every word on the blog. I'd hand the reins over from time to time when I was on vacation or some such, but mostly it was all mine. My opinion, my voice.

But things change. For one thing, what began as a vanity project (where I could write about Suzanne Pleshette or canyoneering or whatever) became part of a serious media company. It was always a goal of mine to provide overage that would rival other media outlets, but there's a difference between a goal and an expectation: these days, it's the latter.

When I started the blog I was a stay-at-home dad with two grade-schoolers. Coaching AYSO and volunteering in the classroom kept me busy, but also allowed plenty of time for blogging. I had always intended to return to full-time work at some point after the kids were older, and without getting into the details, my life has changed significantly in the past few years, and one of those changes is a full-time job as a high school math teacher.

For that and many other reasons, it is time for a transition: I have done this long enough, and the opportunity to express my views on basketball is no longer worth the responsibility of managing what ClipsNation has necessarily become.

Lucas Hann will be taking over as Managing Editor of ClipsNation. In fact, in many ways he has already taken over, as you've probably noticed, as he's been more or less running the show this off-season. Many newer readers of the blog are probably unaware that Lucas first joined the blog when he was in MIDDLE SCHOOL and in fact became a contributor as an eighth grader. Look how far he's come!

This does not however mean that I will disappear. The masthead for ClipsNation will say something like "Founder" next to my name, but basically, I get to have it more or less like I used to have it. I get to write what I want, when I want, and I won't have to deal with all the other crap of running things. Yay, me!

Oh, and I'll be working with Lucas to help with the transition, to provide advice, to support him however I can. But make no mistake -- he's in charge, and ClipsNation is in good hands.

I'm very happy to have someone as enthusiastic, passionate and skilled as Lucas to entrust with the legacy of ClipsNation. And with our terrific staff, I know that blog will thrive in the coming years.